Rhinebeck beckons October 18 2013

Guest blogger Elizabeth here today with some enticing news about what we'll have available at this year's Rhinebeck. Fall is most fiber lovers' preferred season, and Rhinebeck (the New York Sheep and Wool Festival), coming up this weekend, captures all the charm of autumnal fibery goodness. Our intrepid leader, Shannon, and one of our lovely authors and tech editors, Andi, have already begun wending their way there northeastward in a van loaded up with books. On the way, they'll be making a happy side trip to Boston to show off Needles and Artifice to the Greater Boston Knitting Guild. I'll be wrapping up some book design business today from my home base in Austin, and will be flying up to New York tomorrow morning. We will have so much to show you at our booth! Printed copies of our newest books – Cascadia, Hitch, Fresh Designs: Kids, and our first sewing book, Sew Together Grow Together – arrived at CP headquarters a week ago, so they're still smoking hot off the press. And we'll have nearly 30 other titles available for purchase or preview. After all, you're going to need to know what to make with all that yarn that of course you will not buying at Rhinebeck because you already have plenty oh who are we kidding.... Ahem. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R78v6DyiuL8?rel=0] "A couple of years ago, I was thinking how my favorite part of the NY Sheep & Wool Festival (also known as Rhinebeck), was looking at what everyone wears. I know people go to the festival for all kinds of reasons, but I just wallow in the community & people watching. It is perhaps the only place on earth you can be wearing handknit socks, a handknit sweater, a shawlette over it, handknit mitts and a hat--and instead of having people leave a wide path around you, you are embraced by strangers shrieking "ooh, is that a Damson or....{insert your fave pattern here} ? I love what you did with your February Lady Sweater! Whose mods?" I realized I wanted to make a collection of all those fabulous outfits, for the permanent record." - Gale Zucker  To be sure you get the news first about Gale's gorgeous book, sign up for our mailing list. For knitting designers, we have a new tool available that helps you develop your own style sheet for your patterns. Find me at the booth, and I'll show you how it works. Look for my giant, smiling head floating Cheshire-Cat-like over the crowd. This year we'll be sharing a booth (Building C, Booth 37) with two other wonderful businesses: Cherry Tree Hill Yarn and KnitCompanion. Come by, say hello, browse through our new books, squeeze some delicious Cherry Tree Hill goodness, and play with the amazing KnitCompanion app! And then go gorge on artichokes and watch grown men and women chuck pumpkins across a field. It's all good fun.