THREE new preorders just went live! May 17 2013

If you're not on the CP mailing list already, go! Go now! I'll wait. Later tonight we're sending out a mailing about these three new books that gives details on the free patterns you can get by preordering, as well as a free online class (ahem, can't spill the dirt on that yet). You've got til midnight tonight. Through the magic of the internet, we can make it look as if the books are already printed! More interesting than a flat image, eh? Here's the scoop: we've had these three books underway for a WHILE. Longer than we might have wanted, really. And if I told you half the things that happened while these books were going through the publishing process, you would not even believe me. There was even an amputated toe. Really. We have, however, prevailed, and the books are now ready for preorder! Here's the scoop on these three new members of the Cooperative Press family, with direct purchase links. Preorder now and you will get free copies of Ardwinna by Andi Smith and Honeysuckle by Sarah Barbour (Ardwinna if you order Big Foot Knits, Honeysuckle if you order Stitching in the Stacks). Big Foot Knits by Andi Smith So many sock patterns are written as if one size fits all. But anyone who has larger feet and legs knows better. In this ingenious book, designer Andi Smith walks the bigger-footed among us through the steps of properly measuring our feet and legs, assessing the toe and heel shapes that fit us best, and adapting patterns to suit our shape. All this, plus 12 gorgeous sock patterns, each with instructions for modifying to your foot and for knitting top-down or toe-up. PRINT + DIGITAL $26.95 plus shipping Add to Cart View Cart // DIGITAL ONLY (PDF) $16.95 Add to Cart View Cart// Stitching in the Stacks, edited by Sarah Barbour Ask most people to picture either a librarian or a knitter, and they’re likely to conjure up the same image: a stern, older woman with sensible shoes and hair in a bun. Stereotypes aside, there does seem to be a special bond between knitters and libraries. This book celebrates that connection, offering 30 exquisite designs inspired by librarians (real and fictional), library architecture, cataloging systems, and sometimes the books themselves. Each pattern comes with its own story, making this book as fun to read as it is to knit from. PRINT + DIGITAL $29.95 plus shipping Add to Cart View Cart // DIGITAL ONLY (PDF) $16.95 Add to Cart View Cart// Unique Feet, edited by Laura Lough Men love hand-knit socks perhaps more than any other knitted garment, but there are very few patterns available that are interesting to knit. Hearing this clarion call, the independent dyers at The Unique Sheep asked some of their favorite designers to create unique socks for men—socks that would be both fun to knit and to wear. The glorious results range from the subtly textured to the boldly colored. Originally offered through the Ram Sock Club, these 15 patterns are available for the first time together in one must-have volume. Features designs by Katya Frankel, Janine Le Cras, Laura Lough, LoBug Designs, Erssie Major, Merike Saarniit, Charles Voth, Tanya Wade, Sarah Wilson, and Don Yarman. PRINT + DIGITAL $26.95 plus shipping Add to Cart View Cart // DIGITAL ONLY (PDF) $16.95 Add to Cart View Cart//