Last chance for EDK preorders; hello Knitty! September 20 2011

The time draws near -- we're THIS close to releasing the PDF version of Extreme Double Knitting as it goes to print. The second that happens, the price goes up to the normal cover price, so order now! Did you see one of our two ads in the new deep fall issue of Knitty? Welcome! We're a small independent publishing company run by Shannon Okey -- who you may know better as Knitgrrl -- a longtime (really long time!) Knitty contributor and fan herself. We pride ourselves on partnering with authors to produce top-quality books, and on paying royalties that are 4-5x the industry average or more. We appreciate all the support you've given indie publishing and authors over the past few years and look forward to continued success. Please feel free to drop us a line or leave us a comment at any time. (We've also got an ad in the current issue of Entangled featuring our Fresh Designs series books! If you haven't seen Entangled yet, check it out!) Now go grab your copy of Extreme Double Knitting before the price hike! Still not sure? Here are some of the blurbs we've gathered for the back cover... A brilliant book, bound to become a classic work. Acquiring these double-layer techniques will enhance all aspects of your knitting life. Extreme Double Knitting is a very thorough and clearly explained approach to this fascinating area of knitting. Even if you do not yet see yourself reaching some of the more extreme feats of double-layer knitting offered here, you will be gently enticed to expand your repertoire of skills as far as you wish, with plenty more brain candy awaiting you. -- Lucy Neatby There are floods of knitting books that beguile with pretty, ingenious patterns. A precious few push back the boundaries of an entire technique. Extreme Double-Knitting does both, exceptionally. A tour-de-force. -- Franklin Habit In this delicious guide to the subterranean wonderland of double knitting, Alasdair illuminates user-friendly and innovative techniques of layering color, texture, and design. -- Cat Bordhi And here's a sneak preview of the cover... (the book itself up to a whopping 196 pages now!)