TNNA giveaway / indie publishing poll June 17 2011

June TNNA is probably the biggest event of the knit-professional's calendar every year, and although it is a ton of fun, it is also a ton of WORK! It's particularly joyous when you can pack in some extra time with friends and colleagues where you don't feel like you're "on the clock." For the past few years, Marly Bird of Yarn Thing has been throwing a big party for designers that fills that particular need. This year was even bigger and better than usual, since Marly and her fabulous assistant Jolene lined up some spectacular sponsors! XRX/Stitches, Namaste, you name it. I want to share some of the joy with you, and hence this giveaway, which includes a black Namaste Laguna bag, a huge assortment of Hiya Hiya needles, a Craftsy tapemeasure, and hand-dyed yarn by Knitgrrl (me!), as well as a selection of Cooperative Press books. Everyone on the Cooperative Press and Knitgrrl mailing lists gets an extra entry in the giveaway, so if you're not already a member of those, get on it! They're low-volume and we never share your info with anyone. If you love Namaste bags, why not double your chances and also enter this giveaway over at Andi's blog? She's got an eggplant one up for grabs along with some other great stuff. We previewed her CP book Big Foot Knits at TNNA and it was a giant (no pun intended) hit. To enter the giveaway, click here and answer 10 quick questions about indie publishing that'll help me focus CP's efforts going forward... Don't forget you get an extra entry if you're a member of the CP or Knitgrrl mailing lists, but it's not enough just to be a member of the lists -- the double entry only counts if you also take the poll!